The Nerve!

Martha Stewart Flips Out Over Commercial Flight

Bad airline experience blows diva's gasket!

martha stewart diva airline scandal
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Martha Stewart simmered like a slow-cooking stew, then utterly blew her temper after a first-class trip to Sweden suddenly went south!

“The domestic diva was up in arms … exhausted, upset and outraged,” a spy spilled to The National ENQUIRER.

“Martha’s intentions were good … she was attending an overseas charity event. But when her East Coast flight to Stockholm suddenly got canceled, everything got delayed.

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“It was a huge hassle,” the source continued. “But she was finally rerouted, and then some of the luggage got lost.”

When Martha eventually landed behind schedule, she felt like she’d been through the wringer.

“Grousing to an aide about the hellish trip, she snapped, ‘From now on, I’m only flying private!’”