Time's Up!

Heather Locklear Facing Prison After Long-Term Rehab

'Humiliated' local police have given up on 'Melrose Place' star!

Heather Locklear remains locked up in long-term rehab after a series of humiliating arrests where she attacked cops and EMT personnel — but insiders are warning that the disgraced “Dynasty” star is still facing serious jail time , and could even join the ranks of celebrities in prison! Her most recent arrest on June 24 marked her third attack on California cops in the posh community of Thousand Oaks. Sources close to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department say that officers are “fed up” with giving second, third and fourth chances to the unhinged Hollywood hellion. Despite going straight from a psychiatric ward to a substance abuse center, legal experts say that Heather is finally at risk of serious jail time!