Mike Walker

Heather Locklear Aging Into Joan Collins Lookalike

Bizarre 'Dynasty' beauty meld floors fans!

heather locklear joan collins lookalike
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Mike Walker reports….  Mirror, mirror on the wall, what a difference a few decades makes!

Astonishingly, Heather Locklear is becoming a look-alike of her famous “Dynasty” diva mum-in-law, Joan Collins!

“Some diehard fans of the old hit prime-time soap glimpsed Heather grabbing breakfast in Beverly Hills recently, and their jaws dropped to the floor,” vowed a vixen spotter.

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“It was startling! Heather’s becoming a dead ringer for her TV nemesis, Alexis!”

The actress, now 56, was a young, blond bombshell ingénue in the 80s when she played sassy Sammy Jo, who married Collins’ gay TV son, Steven Carrington (Jack Coleman).

“As years have passed, Heather’s starting to look more like the British star’s daughter than her own grown kids!

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“Her eyes and mouth, especially without makeup! You’d swear they’re actually related.

“Joan, who still looks amazing at 84, always thought Heather was exceptionally beautiful,” the source said. “It has to be a delightful surprise that she’s aging to look so much like her!”