Mike Walker

Ryan Seacrest Ready For Marriage

Friends expect wedding bells to toll for metrosexual multi-hyphenate!

ryan seacrest shayna taylor marriage
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Mike Walker reports….   Ryan Seacrestout! Seems our fave TV/radio host and producer Ryan is finally abandoning the ranks of The Metrosexuals!

Our Serial Bachelor’s fallen crazy in terminal love — suddenly so ga-ga-goo-goo over glamour- puss/goddess/girlfriend Shayna Taylor pals swore he’s thisclose to a question pop!

Gushed a buddy: “Ryan’s never been this much in love, and finally realizes why he never wanted to be tied down — he was waiting to find his Shayna!

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“The perpetual man-in-motion now wants desperately to settle down and start a family.

“He actually got all teary-eyed (the first time I’ve ever seen that!) and told me: ‘I wake up every morning, and just cannot imagine a life without this precious woman!’”

(NOTE TO RYAN: You’ve always been my ravin’ fave, so may I humbly hustle an invite.… Please?!)