Pals have warned “American Idol” host RYAN SEACREST they fear his latest squeeze could be a “gold-digger” focused on his fame and connections!

The metrosexual mega-producer, who’s worth $280 million, has been dating gorgeous fitness trainer Shayna Taylor, 22, for nearly a year.

And while 39-year-old Ryan’s mom is pushing him to tie the knot at last, “his buddies are urging him to take his time,” a concerned insider revealed to The National ENQUIRER.

“Shayna wants her own career as a fitness guru, and Ryan’s friends believe that she may use him for his considerable Hollywood

“Shayna is already posting healthy recipes and diets to her Instagram page, but she’d like to get deals for a cookbook and fitness training book, and maybe even her own website.”

Besides that, Shayna is notoriously known for enjoying a fast lifestyle!

The ENQUIRER uncovered a speeding ticket from 2012, as well as a 2011 citation when Shayna was popped in a Ferrari that belonged to a exec! “Ryan needs to look before he leaps,” added the inside source.

Despite his pals’ worries, Ryan’s mother, Connie, wants him to settle down, get married and start a family, said the source.

“Connie wants her only son to give her a grandchild in the worst way,” added the insider.

Six years ago Connie complained, “Neither of my children (is) married. They’re going to have to get a nanny for granny!”

“Connie believes Shayna could be the one,” said the source. “She thinks she’s adorable.

“Connie would like to see Ryan and Shayna tie the knot before the end of the year, And, after that, she wants them to give her a grandchild!”