Wendy Williams’ Husband Insists on Spousal Support

Kevin Hunter wants alimony AND child support!

Wendy Williams’ Husband Insists on Spousal Support
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Pay up! Wendy Williams’ estranged husband isn’t walking away without a fight. Kevin Hunter has filed his response to her divorce petition, and he’s asking for bank.

The former Wendy Williams Show exec producer wants not only spousal support, but child support as well as his legal fees too, according to documents obtained by The National ENQUIRER. He and Williams, who have been married for 21 years, share 18-year-old son Kevin Jr. Per the documents, Hunter also wants the TV personality to cough up for their son’s college expenses. TMZ was first to report the news.

Hunter was ousted from his Wendy Williams Show gig on April 18, just a week after Williams filed for divorce. The fiery host called it quits on her marriage after rumors surfaced that her husband was not only have an affair, but that the other woman had reportedly given birth to his love child.

“Wendy’s been pushed too far. She said her life has become a living hell,” a source dished to The ENQUIRER before the star filed for the split. “The things that Kevin’s done to Wendy have left her a physical wreck and her reputation in tatters.”

After news of the split broke, a police report dated January 18, 2019, surfaced. The document, obtained by The ENQUIRER, revealed that one of Williams’ employees had called cops and begged them to do a welfare check on the TV host at her New Jersey home.

“This individual advised that they wished for [Livingston Police Department] to check on Mrs. Williams, stating that her husband, Mr. Kevin Hunter, was poisoning her,” according to the report. Per law enforcement, Williams told police during the welfare check that she was not being poisoned.

Since then, police have made another visit to their home. On April 20, cops arrived at the estranged couple’s home after an alleged fight erupted, Radar Online reported.

According to documents obtained by the website, Hunter called cops and said Williams had shown up with a moving truck and was packing stuff throughout the house to move them to a new location. But they were able to come to an agreement that she would take only personal belongings and spare bedroom furnishings.