Wendy Williams and Hubby Battle Over $60 Million Fortune!

Talk show host says her life ‘has become a living hell.’

Wendy Williams & Hubby Battle Over $60 Million Fortune!
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Wendy Williams may have finally ripped off her wedding ring — but sources said her husband, who’s been accused of cheating, won’t back off in a potential divorce court showdown over her $60 million fortune!

As The National Enquirer has reported, the talk show diva’s hubby, Kevin Hunter, has allegedly fathered a love child with his rumored longtime mistress, but insiders claimed he still feels entitled to a fat cut of her cash.

“Wendy’s been pushed too far. She’s said her life has become a living hell. The divorce will be happening — and soon!” said a source. “The things that Kevin’s done to Wendy have left her a physical wreck and her reputation in tatters,” continued the source, adding, “Wendy has finally listened to the people around her and realizes there’s no other option.”

In late 2018, the 54-year-old blabbermouth appeared to be spiraling out of control when she injured her shoulder during an alleged confrontation with Hunter, 47.

“After fracturing her shoulder, Wendy was blasted for slurring her words on-air, which she blamed on pain meds,” said an insider.

Despite that, a lot of viewers questioned her story. In January, the bug-eyed train-wreck took an extended leave of absence from The Wendy Williams Show, originally blaming her non-appearance on her thyroid illness, Graves’ disease.

When Williams — who has a history of abusing alcohol, marijuana and cocaine — returned in March, the chatterbox announced she’d been living “with a bunch of smelly boys” in a sober house and was being shadowed by a 24-hour sober coach. Just a few days later, Williams hit rock bottom — rushed to a hospital after being found drunk when Hunter reportedly hightailed it to his alleged mistress Sharina Hudson’s side while she gave birth.

The next day, Williams headed to her show without a wedding ring.

“It was only when what was happening with Kevin in her personal life started to jeopardize the show and her career that Wendy started to wake up,” said a source.

“She’s been so devoted to him and turned a blind eye to so much, yet every time Kevin repays her with a bigger betrayal,” noted the source. “Wendy’s cried and with everything that’s happening, her sobriety has slipped. But it was only when she started to lose fans and the respect of her peers that Wendy started to wise up and fight back.”

Still, cutting Hunter out of her life won’t be easy since he’s had a vise-like grip on her ego — and her show.

Hunter and his rumored mistress of a decade, massage therapist Hudson, are also aware Williams is the family breadwinner. He’s been lavishing his lover with gifts bought on his wife’s dime. But as far as Hunter is concerned, he made Williams a star when she was merely a struggling radio personality, according to sources. And he insists he’s been faithful – and never abused his wife.

“Kevin believes he’s the brains behind the operation and it is all down to him — Wendy’s show, clothing line, live appearances, everything,” said an insider. “And Kevin’s been there from the very first meeting. In divorce court he’d have a strong case to get a huge chunk of her fortune.”