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Patrick Swayze’s Dirty Dancing Nude Pics On The Market

Backstage snaps rumored to show the full 'Johnny!'

patrick swayze dirty dancing nude pics
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STOP the presses — nude photos of the beloved late actor Patrick Swayze are about to hit the World Wide Web!

“They were taken backstage at a Broadway show when he was a dancer,” a source spilled to The National ENQUIRER.

Swayze, who soared to fame as Catskills choreography king Johnny Castle in 1987’s blockbuster “Dirty Dancing,” fought a long battle with pancreatic cancer before dying ravaged in 2009. A fruitful tenure on Broadway preceded his big-screen success.

“The costume changes were very fast, and often the boys wore nothing more than a jock strap.”

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“The dancers were goofing around, and one guy ended up with a naked picture of Patrick,” the source continued.

“It’s very impressive!”