Patrick Swayze

PATRICK SWAYZE widow has reignited a family feud by publishing a shockingly graphic photo of the actor in his final days, sources say.

The picture – published in Lisa Niemi’s new memoir – shows the “Dirty Dancing” star bald and gaunt with his stomach distended as he naps with his cat at his side.

“It’s a horrific photo,” said a family friend. “Pat­rick looks like a holocaust victim. It’s so intimate that I can’t imagine how anyone – much less his own wife – could put it in a book!”

The picture appears in Lisa’s mem­oir “Worth Fighting For: Love, Loss and Moving Forward,” which chronicles Swayze’s battle with pancreatic cancer. He died at age 57 in September 2009.

The heart-rending photo also popped up on the Internet and even aired on the syndicated TV show “Entertainment To­night.”

“Patrick’s family, especially his mother Patsy, is really hurt and angry that Lisa would publish a picture of him lying in bed dying,” said the friend.

“Everyone was just beginning to get used to not having Patrick around. This is causing flash­backs to the whole ordeal.”

This isn’t the first time Lisa, 55, has found her­self at odds with her tragic husband’s family.

As The ENQUIRER reported, Lisa inherited everything after Patrick’s death, but his family felt she wasn’t as generous as they’d hoped. The bad feelings escalated in August 2010 when Lisa told the actor’s brothers that she wanted to move their mother into an assisted-living facility.

Lisa ended the feud early last year after an emotional reunion with Patsy, and reaching out to Patrick’s brothers. But now sources say the old wounds have been reopened.

“The family let Lisa know they are not happy, but she doesn’t need their permission for any­thing,” said a family insider.

“They all have their own memories of Patrick, and NONE of them has to do with him dying.”