Hollywood Trickery!

Kate Hudson and Nick Jonas — A Romance For The Cameras

Off-and-on relationship is permanently fake!

Kate hudson splash
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Kate Hudson and Nick Jonas are intent on staying in the public eye — so they’ve hired social media professionals to make the most of their public displays of affection!

Kate, 37, and Nick, 23, appear lovey-dovey in public, but they know their just-for-kicks relationship is not a serious matter —it just enhances their public images!

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“They have a good time, and I would say she is way more into him than he is into her,” dished an insider to The National ENQUIRER.

“She really wants to keep him around for her image. But one thing is certain: Both have hired professionals to keep an eye on their social media success and hire-ability in music and Hollywood.”

And the savvy couple is milking it for all it’s worth!

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“For Nick,” added the source, “it means more concertgoers and better negotiation for record contracts.

“For Kate, it means more leverage in Hollywood where a younger man can make her seem less over the hill.

“They’re thrilled at the friends-with-benefits situation, and don’t plan to stop anytime soon!”