Kate Hudson’s Film Career Is Hurtin’!

Movie roles have dried up for actress Kate Hudson

Hollywood hottie KATE HUDSON is having a midlife crisis – at the tender age of 36!

“Kate has no idea where she fits in in Hollywood anymore!” said a source close to the blonde bombshell.

“She’d love to keep going for young leading lady roles, and she still looks as good as all the 25-year-olds, but nothing seems to be coming her way.”

After splitting from fiancé Matt Bellamy in December, Kate refocused on her career but was shocked to find that – 15 years after her Oscar nomination for her role in “Almost Famous” – she’s a Tinseltown “older” actress, sources said.

“Kate’s so worried about losing roles to younger actresses that she’s desperate to show everyone that she’s still ‘got it!’” divulged a pal.

“Kate’s going to great lengths to appear young and carefree. That’s why you see her dating musicians and dressing like she’s 20. She wants to show Hollywood she still appeals to a younger audience.

“That’s also why she appeared on the TV series ‘Glee.’”

But mother-of-two Kate – whose biggest box office hit was the 2003 rom-com, “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” – is also paranoid that newer, fresher faces have eclipsed her in the limelight, insiders said.

“Kate’s especially threatened by younger actresses like Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence,” dished a close source.

“She’s particularly wary of JLaw and her on-again, off-again relationship with Chris Martin because Kate’s flirted with him for a long time.”

Kate’s also worried that she’s getting the cold shoulder from the media and the paparazzi, insiders said.

“She still gets red carpet attention, but not like she used to,” added a pal.

“Kate can’t help but be jealous of the enormous attention that her rivals, Emma and Jen, seem to get without blinking an eye.”

Kate’s also miffed that 42-year-old Gwyneth Paltrow continues to land leading lady roles, like her gig as Pepper Potts in the “Iron Man” franchise!

Added a friend: “It’s all about perception with Kate.

She considers herself an A-lister, and she’ll do anything to preserve and protect that image.”