Family Disgrace!

Son Of Penn State Perv Busted For Sexually Assaulting Child

jerry sandusky son pedophile arrest

Jerry Sandusky horrified the citizens of Pennsylvania when the pedophile was exposed molesting children at Penn State — and now his adopted son has been arrested on the same charges!

Pennsylvania State Police say that Jeffrey Sandusky, 41, had been hounding a child with sick text messages that included requests for naked photographs.

The investigation began in Nov. 2016, when Jeffrey (above, in orange hood) was the live-in lover of the child’s mother.

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The child’s father reportedly went to the cops after the child showed him the text messages — but cops also say that Jeffrey had abused another minor in 2013.

The accused second-generation perv was asked to leave the home where he had been living for five years, and is now prohibited from having any contact with minors.

Jerry Sandusky was convicted on multiple accounts of child sex abuse in 2012 — and the college football coach disgraced Penn State and beloved coach Joe Paterno after charges that the university had helped to cover up his sick passions!