A Merry Christmas For Sicko Child Molester Jerry Sandusky!

Sandusky pension square

Convicted child molester and former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky is getting a huge Christmas present from the state of Pennsylvania’s pension system: a big, fat check for $211,000!

The State Employees’ Retirement System alerted Sandusky last week that it will be sending a check to cover payments — plus interest — dating back to when it stopped his retirement benefits after he was sentenced for abusing children.

What’s more, the pervert’s regular $4,900 monthly benefit checks will resume in January.

Sicko Sandusky, 71, is serving 30-60 years after being convicted of indecent assault and involuntary deviate sexual intercourse in connection with molesting 10 boys.

While Penn State is not a state-owned university, employees such as Sandusky are allowed to participate in the pension system. Sandusky retired from PSU in 1999.

The pension system stopped paying him when he was sentenced in October 2012, citing a provision of state law that applies to “crimes related to public office or public employment.”

A court ruled Nov. 13 that the pension system wrongly classified Sandusky as a university employee at the time of his crimes, so he was awarded back pay plus 6 percent interest.

Penn State said so far it has paid out 32 claims related to Sandusky’s crimes, totaling $93 million.