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Caitlyn Jenner’s Weight Explodes!

Former Olympian now piling on the pounds.

Caitlyn Jenner’s Weight Explodes!
MEGA; Getty Images

Sex-Swapper Caitlyn Jenner has gotten broad in the beam — after turning into a chowhound since her life as a woman backfired!

“Cait’s been shunned by her own family, she’s lost many of her buddies from her days as an athlete and she’s beginning to realize that she may never find love as a woman!” an insider snitches to The National ENQUIRER.

Sources say the floundering former Olympic decathlon gold medalist has been drowning her sorrows in food and booze, packed on 40 pounds, and gone from a size 10 to an estimated
size 18!

“All Cait has left is food — and it shows,” dishes an insider.

“She’s substituted stuffing her face for personal contact with her family! She seems to be digging her own grave with a knife and a fork!”

As The ENQUIRER has reported, the 69-year-old reality star, who fathered six kids with three wives, is also distraught because she’s enduring agonizing side effects from female hormone treatments, including an upset tummy, bloating and headaches.

And medical experts – who have not treated Caitlyn Jenner – warn those treatments could have fatal consequences!

“The human body was not meant to accept a flood of hormones at this age,” notes a medical expert.

Steady doses of estrogen increase the storage of body fat, which could lead to a litany of health issues, says the expert, who adds, “It is not yet known all the negative effects that this could have on her or other
transgender individuals.

Meanwhile, a top doctor – who also has not treated Jenner – points out Caitlyn’s weight gain is showing up in belly fat.

“Belly fat, specifically, shortens lives. It signals a spike in blood sugar — which can damage every cell in your body,” says the doctor.

“Cait needs a new diet and exercise program to protect her from suffering a potentially deadly heart attack!”