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Caitlyn Out Of This World Over Trans Miss Universe Contender

Praising Miss Spain for breaking 'so many barriers!'

caitlyn jenner transgender miss universe
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Caitlyn Jenner took to Instagram Monday to sing the praise of the first transgender Miss Universe competitor, Angela Ponce!

Although the 27-year-old Spaniard (right) failed to crack the top 20 competitors, Angela’s presence in the field of 94 hopefuls represented watershed moment for the pageant.

The organizers changed the contests rules in 2012 after backlash over the exclusion of a transgender entrant in the Miss Canada contest, opening the door that Angela walked through and onto the stage this year.

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“[Angela] did a wonderful job and broke so many barriers,” Caitlyn, no stranger to barrier-breaking or beautiful young trans women, gushed in her post.

“Our community has come so far and this is a sign of the progress we have made.”