Old-Fashioned Ladies

Caitlyn & Sophia Vow No Sex Until Marriage

Transgendered beauties go celibate in rush to the altar!

Caitlyn Jenner took forever to finally hold the hand of her transgendered galpal Sophia Hutchins — and insiders say that’s as far as the couple plans to go until their wedding! “Caitlyn and Sophia kiss and cuddle,” an insider told The National ENQUIRER, “but they’ve decided to not take things to the next level just yet!” Instead, the former Bruce Jenner and Sophia — 47 years her junior — are planning to stay celibate. It’s not a huge shock to longtime pals of Caitlyn, who’s been upfront about being quite conservative. The transgendered celebrity even once said that she was seeking “the traditional stuff” in a relationship, back when Caitlyn was expecting to start dating men. Instead, Caitlyn’s gone crazy for her younger woman, who reportedly shares her old-fashioned ways!