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Kanye West & Caitlyn Jenner Keeping Closer Than Ever

Transgendered star reveals Kim Kardashian's husband is dressing her younger woman!

Kanye West isn’t keeping up with the Kardashian clan’s feud with Caitlyn Jenner — confirming The National ENQUIRER’s coverage of their close relationship with a new round of boasts on social media! Kanye couldn’t wait to share with the world that Caitlyn, along with her young girlfriend Sophia Hutchins, is thrilled to be wearing Kanye’s Yeezy brand. The controversial rapper posted a screenshot of a text from Caitlyn saying: “Sophia loved the first set of looks your team left and went all yeezy for her travel outfit today! We love your looks!” Some fashion insiders may be surprised that Kanye’s proud to have transgender activists endorsing his shoes and clothing line, but sources told The ENQUIRER that Kanye has always been there for the former Bruce Jenner!