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‘Sex and the City’ Secrets — How Bitter Feuds Tore The Cast Apart

What kept Sarah, Kim, Cynthia and Kristin at war!

Sarah Jessica Parker wasn’t the only “Sex and the City” star feuding with Kim Cattrall — as private personal tragedies tore apart the cast while the show was still on the air! The “Sex and the City” feuds have stayed in the spotlight since the HBO show’s hit run from 1998 to 2004. The series about four single ladies in NYC also had to survive two big-screen outings in 2008 and 2010 — with Kim becoming increasingly outspoken about not wanting to work with her co-stars! By the time of the final fights over the “SATC” film franchise, the cast was permanently splintered — freeing Cynthia Nixon to pursue her political ambitions as Kim seemed impossible to replace! Read on for the inside story on the behind-the-scenes drama, and click here for more shocking stories of brutal Hollywood feuds…