ENQUIRER Exclusive!

Scott Peterson’s Prison Hell As Death Row Sex Slave

Brutal inmate has wife killer at his mercy!

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Getty Images/Modesto Police Department/ZUMA/Corbis/ZUMA Press

Scott Peterson is on Death Row for the cold-blooded 2002 murder of his pregnant wife, Laci — but his eternity in hell has already begun as he’s been reduced to a simpering, pathetic sex slave to a hulking cop killer! In graphic, disturbing detail, six-foot-six murderer Raynard Cummings has detailed for The National ENQUIRER the utter humiliation he and his jailhouse “tribe” force upon Peterson in steamy showers and the dark corners of the exercise yard at California’s San Quentin prison! Read on for details of Scott’s prison humiliation, and click here for more true-crime news….