EVIL murderer Scott Peterson has been moved to the cushiest part of San Quentin’s Death Row – and legal experts are shocked his scheme to get special treatment actually succeeded!

Facing execution for slaying his pregnant wife Laci and unborn son Conner, the 39-year-old monster is now living in the prison’s North Segregation Unit, which inmates have dubbed “the luxury penthouse suite.”

Outraged former Boston prosecutor Wendy Murphy, who wrote about Peterson in her book, And Justice for Some, said, “As we approach the 10th anniversary of the murders, which will be so painful for Laci’s family and friends, this is like pouring salt on their wounds.

“It’s unbelievable his housing would be upgraded, as if he were staying in a fancy hotel. Whoever made the decision to move Peterson to his plush new digs needs his head examined.”

After seven years of being caged in the notorious and dangerous main section of Death Row, Peterson gets to spend five hours out of his cell each day, shooting hoops, jogging, playing cards or board games and enjoying other activities, Murphy said.

Unlike his previous crowded accommodations, he now shares the unit with only 67 other inmates.

He also gets to avoid stringent security checks, including strip searches, whenever he  comes and goes from his cell.

San Quentin’s Death Row is divided into three categories. Previously, the condemned ex-fertilizer salesman, who has been in the slammer since March 2005, was housed in the East Block.

Experts say nearly 600 inmates live in that section. The third section is known as the “Adjustment Center” and houses the “worst of the worst” – the remainder of the prison’s 703 condemned inmates.

In July, Peterson filed an appeal against his murder convictions for the Dec. 24, 2002, killings of eight-months-pregnant Laci, 27, and her unborn son at their Modesto, Calif.,  home.

His transfer to the prison’s “penthouse” was revealed during a Sept. 12 report on NBC’s Today show.

Legal sources believe Peterson’s appeal could take years – and Murphy is fuming the heartless hubby will be getting preferential treatment as he fights his date with the executioner.

“California taxpayers should be outraged that this callous creep is enjoying himself behind bars,” she blasted.

“If Peterson isn’t the ‘worst of the worst,’ WHO is?! He spent months planning the murder of his beautiful wife and son, and carried it out with utter contempt for his victims.”