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Roseanne’s Revenge As ABC Comes Crawling Back

Network bosses try to save their own jobs after 'The Conners' catastrophe!

Roseanne Barr was killed off on “The Conners” — but now the disgraced sitcom star is reportedly getting one last laugh as desperate ABC executives try to salvage their own jobs after firing the veteran sitcom queen from the rebooted “Roseanne!” As previously reported by The National ENQUIRER, the network bosses originally thought “The Conners” was their own revenge on the comic, having originally wanted to fire Roseanne from the show back in the 1980s. But after getting rid of Roseanne over a racist Twitter post, ABC’s creation of “The Conners” turned into a ratings disaster. John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf and Sara Gilbert have seen their revised show soundly beaten by competition like “NCIS” and “The Voice.” ABC has reportedly only added a single episode to the “Conners” original 10-show order, and insiders say that some desperate ABC executives are even begging Roseanne to make a return…