Mike Walker

Sara Gilbert’s Toilet Torture At ‘Hamilton’

Fans swarm for selfies as bladder nearly bursts!

sara gilbert fan selfie hamilton
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Mike Walker reports….  Is Hollywood glamour literally going down the toilet?

Ask child star-turned-“The Talk” co-host Sara Gilbert, who was headed for a last-minute tinkle right before the start of the sold-out stage smash “Hamilton” at the Pantages Theater, on the one and only Hollywood Boulevard!

“The line for the ladies’ room was insanely long,” flushed my toilet tattler. “Sara literally had to hold it in while frenzied fans demanded selfies — right in the bathroom!

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“Same thing happened as soon as she left her stall!” my source continued.

“Starstruck femme fans of ‘The Talk’ were leaping out of line with cell phones in hand, begging the popular host to ‘say cheese’ right in the middle of the crowded powder room.

“Sara was a real trouper and agreed to loo-side posing, then almost peed her pants chuckling on her way out as a baffled teenage girl quipped, ‘Like, who wuz that?’”

And how was your week?