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Roseanne Barr — How ABC Execs Got Their Revenge With ‘The Conners’

Bosses wanted her fired from the start!

Roseanne Barr suffered the disgrace of being fired from her own hit sitcom after “Roseanne” made an acclaimed comeback — quickly trashing her revived career with a bizarre racist scandal. The ABC network wasn’t ready to say goodbye to their successful reboot, however. It was quickly announced that “Roseanne” would be returning with John Goodman and Sara Gilbert as “The Conners.” A repentant Roseanne originally gave the project her blessings, but insiders said that the bitter star was really enduring a double humiliation. In fact, an earlier generation of network bosses had tried to turn “Roseanne” into “The Conners” back in the 1980s! That’s after the comic made life hell for ABC executives during her constant battles with network bosses starting when her sitcom premiered in 1988…