Royal Decree!

Meghan Markle’s Secret Fertility Tests For The Queen

Elizabeth is calling for two more kids!

Meghan Markle endured degrading fertility tests before marrying Prince Harry and joining the royal family — on orders of Queen Elizabeth! Palace sources exclusively blabbed to The National ENQUIRER about Meghan’s invasive and humiliating exams and the harvesting of her eggs. Despite the princess bride’s radiant beauty, royal insiders reported that the Queen still wanted a guarantee that Meghan, about to turn 37 years old when she wed, was still able to bear children! “Meghan was disgusted when she was asked to undergo a fertility test, but she was so intent on joining the royal family, she submitted to it,” a source said — after reports that the royal couple had also considered adoption. “It’s ironic,” the source added. “For years, Meghan has positioned herself as someone who campaigns for women’s rights. This test flew in the face of all her beliefs about women being independent and strong!” Read on for details on Meghan’s mandated martial testing, and click here for more royal gossip….