Royal Zombie!

Prince Philip Was Kept Alive For One Last Royal Wedding

Potent drug potion propped up the Queen's feeble hubby!

Prince Philip looks like the walking dead, buta team of top doctors pumped the once-dashing 97-year-old British royal — who’s been ravaged by cancer, dementia and other debilitating health issues — full of meds so he’d stay alive for one last big event “Philip struggles to think and talk,” spilled a palace insider.“He has trouble recognizing anyone, including his wife, Queen Elizabeth, and other members of the royal family!” That didn’t stop rumors that Prince Philip would miss the wedding of Princess Eugenie, daughter of Sarah Ferguson. But insiders had already told The National ENQUIRER how the Duke of Edinburgh would manage to see Eugenie walk down the aisle, alongside a new generation of royals that includes Meghan Markle and Kate MiddletonRead on for secret details of keeping the Duke of Edinburgh on display, and click here for more royal gossip ….