ENQUIRER Exclusive!

Margot Kidder’s Secret Suicide Attempts

Showbiz pals couldn't save doomed star from 'evil monsters in my brain!'

Margot Kidder took her own life at the age of 69 years old — with a Montana coroner confirming months after her death that the “Superman” star had died “as a result of a self-inflicted drug and alcohol overdose.” Tragically, insiders had already told The National ENQUIRER that the troubled star had recently “given up” on life. It was also a horrifying setback for the star who found fame as Lois Lane, with Margot having assured readers of The ENQUIRER that she had finally started to turn her life around. The actress had originally made headlines in 1996, with Margot saying she had “officially cracked up” after being found dazed and dirty in a Los Angeles suburb, hiding in a pile of leaves with her hair hacked off and front teeth missing. “Little did I know I’d become the poster girl for mental illness,” said Margot, who also revealed her secret history of suicide attempts…