A decade after Christopher Reeve’s tragic death,  
Superman’s son is a chip off the old block of steel, with his 
father’s “lovely, big smile.”

William “Will” Reeve, 22, recently graduated from Vermont’s Middlebury College and works as a writer for ESPN, his proud grandmother told The National ENQUIRER in an exclusive interview.

“He’s a delightful guy with a lovely, big smile,” Barbara Johnson, 82, gushed to The ENQUIRER.

“Just a delightful personality, like his dad in that respect. Well-rounded and amiable. He has a good sense of himself and what he wants to do.”

Will was just 12 in October 2004 when an infection felled his 52-year-old father, who was left paralyzed after a tragic horseback-riding accident in May 1995.

Just 17 months later, Will’s mother, Dana Reeve, passed away at 44 from lung cancer. Young Will was placed in the care of the Pucci family, the Reeves’ close friends and neighbors in Bedford, N.Y.

The Puccis and Will soon moved to affluent Greenwich, Conn., where he attended Brunswick School, an all-boys prep school.

Meanwhile, Will’s half-siblings from his father’s relationship with Gae Exton have been excellent role models. Brother Matthew, 34, is pursuing a film career, and sister Alexandra, 30, is a Senate Judiciary Committee senior counsel.

Will has remained true to his parents. He has said: “I never consciously viewed them as inspirations then, but their heroic efforts shaped who I am today and who I hope to
 become tomorrow.”