Yet another family battle is raging over late comic Richard Pryor.

Richard Pryor Jr. recently claimed that while his father was dying, his fourth wife, Jennifer Lee Pryor, tricked him into signing away rights to his name. The younger Pryor has demanded production be halted on the film.

Actress Jennifer Lee originally wed Pryor in 1981, but they soon divorced. They remarried in June 2001, and two years after Pryor’s death in 2005 at age 65, his daughter Elizabeth sued Jennifer.

“The family claims Jennifer bullied Richard into marrying her in 2001,” an insider told The National ENQUIRER.

“By then his condition had deteriorated so badly that he could only sign the marriage license with an ‘X.’”

Elizabeth lost that suit, and Jennifer was awarded rights to her late husband’s material.

Now Pryor Jr. is clashing with Jennifer over who should play his dad. Stars rumored for the role include Marlon Wayans and Eddie Murphy.