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Margot Kidder — The Tragic ‘Superman’ Star’s Bizarre ’90s Breakdown

Scandal that nearly ended her career!

Margot Kidder was making a comeback in 1996 after the success of her “Superman” movies and her “The Amityville Horror” — but instead, the 46-year-old actress and ruined her career after making headlines after she was found hiding in the bushes of a Los Angeles suburb after hacking off her own hair! A homeowner called the cops in April 1996 after discovering a distraught woman hiding in the backyard of a home in the L.A. neighborhood of Glendale. He had no idea that the derelict with two missing front teeth had once been one of Hollywood’s hottest stars. Sgt. Fran Judge later reported: “When we got there, we found Miss Kidder, who was confused, frightened and paranoid…”