MARGOT KIDDER who played LOIS LANE in the CHRIS REEVE era SUPERMAN films was arrested by DC cops during a melee at the White House!

Kidder, a former Canadian, led a rally against the proposed TransCanada Corp’s Keystone oil pipeline, which will stretch from Canada to Texas.

The former Daily Planet scribe who now lives in Montana, charges the pipeline will cause potentially dangerous oil leakage and led the rally to urged President Obama to block construction.

“We’re the first state the pipeline goes through. It’s bound to leak, there’s no way it’s not going to… They always assure us these things are safe, and they never are,” Kidder told the crowd in attendance.

Moments after speaking, Washington DC cops police arrived and arrested The Amityville Horror star for failing to obey an order governing protests on the sidewalk, according to CBC.

Kidder was later released from police custody.

Kidder, who played Lois Lane in Superman and also appeared on Smallville, has been an active campaigner for the Progressive Democrats of America.