ENQUIRER Exclusive!

Gwyneth Paltrow Beat Wedding Jitters With Therapy

Feared a failed marriage before it even started!

Gwyneth Paltrow was secretly in therapy before her long-delayed wedding to Brad Falchuk — with insiders saying that the Oscar-winning actress feared that her marriage was already doomed! The bride-to-be, who divorced first hubby Chris Martin in 2016, was so tormented by the specter of a second failed marriage that she underwent counseling to rid herself of “negative energy” before finally getting hitched on Sat., Sept. 29. And in a Hollyweird twist, Gwyneth had turned to her fiancé Brad’s sister Aimee for counseling. According to her website, the Boston-based shrink works “to expand our capacity to love, self-express…and to claim our purpose.” Now it seems that Gwyneth is purposely heading toward a weekend marriage in the Hamptons, with RADAR Online reporting that Gwyneth’s actress mom Blythe Danner and “Iron  Man” costar Robert Downey Jr. are among the family and friends “flooding in” for the event