Sex Assassins!

Charles Manson — Killer Cult Leader’s Celebrity Hit List

Sick plans for the stars that escaped his homicidal hippies!

Charles Manson had a secret celebrity hit list — as he prepared his cult of homicidal hippies to kill beloved stars like Frank Sinatra and Tom Jones! Other superstars earmarked for execution included Richard Burton and Steve McQueen — with even Elizabeth Taylor targeted in a diabolical conspiracy to seduce and murder America’s biggest stars. Legendary singer Tom first revealed the extent of the cult’s murderous plot, saying: “The Manson plan was to get a girl into bed with me, and ,in the moment of ecstasy, slit my throat!” That bombshell revelation was confirmed after The National ENQUIRER unearthed a secret 25-page document compiled by investigators after Manson had sent his bloodthirsty lieutenant Tex Watson and other cult members to murder actress Sharon Tate on the night of August 9, 1969 — although others have claimed Candice Bergen was the intended victim…