Inside The Secret World Of Steve McQueen

Tell-all of iconic rebel "King of Cool" STEVE McQUEEN rips the lid off his secret life AND death!

A sensational Steve McQueen bio revealed The ENQUIRER was stun­ningly accurate in March 1980 when we broke the world-exclusive story that the superstar was battling terminal cancer.

Although the actor vehemently denied our story and threatened to sue, thebook, “Steve McQueen: A Biography” credits our blockbuster ar­ticle – headlined “Steve McQueen’s Heroic Battle Against Terminal Cancer” – for get­ting it right.

What’s more, author Marc Eliot’s tell-all notes that The ENQUIRER printed exclusive pictures of the actor ap­pearing ill and grossly overweight three years earlier.
“Eliot writes The ENQUIRER had the cancer story absolutely right even though Steve insisted that he only had ‘an infection,’ ” said a publishing source familiar with the book.

Desperate to find a cure, the two-pack-a-day smoker went to Mexico to receive alternative medicine treat­ments – including coffee enemas.

Sadly, he lost his brave battle on Nov. 7, 1980 at age 50.

The book also reveals that despite McQueen’s reputation as a serial womanizer, the FBI tried to portray him as leading “a secret gay life,” according to the source.

Appar­ently, the government felt he was a subversive character because of his rebel attitude and drug use and this was an attempt to smear him.

The book also details Mc­Queen’s three marriages and torrid romances with leading ladies as well as his wild lifestyle.

“He loved LSD, weed and booze,” said the publishing source, “but his favorite drug was peyote he got from Navajo Indians.”

McQueen was also lucky. He missed a party he was invited to at the house where actress Sharon Tate was staying on Aug. 9, 1969 – the night the Manson gang struck with murderous fury.

Also, his cancer battle cost him the role of “Rambo” which went to Sylvester Stallone when he died, The ENQUIRER learned.

McQueen was once asked in an interview, “If you had your life to do over again, would you do it the same way?”

“Damn right. EVERY bit of it,” he replied before roaring off into the sunset.