The End!

Carrie Fisher — How The ‘Star Wars’ Revival Killed The Troubled Actress

Fatal return to the hit franchise turned her into a drug addict!

Carrie Fisher struggled with drugs her entire life — but a return to “Star Wars” left her finally succumbing to her sick addictions. The doomed actress shocked fans with her sudden death at age 60 in Dec. 2016, after doctors reported she was found “unresponsive” on a flight to Los Angeles. She was returning from promoting her book “The Princess Diarist” about her shocking “Star Wars” years. Carrie was also enjoying a comeback as General Leia in the new “Star Wars” series, but insiders say those new movies ultimately ended her life! Get the shocking inside story on Carrie’s troubled final months —and click here for the tragic stories of showbiz figures whose troubling addictions would end in overdoses!