Carrie Fisher says her dad — 1950s crooner Eddie Fisher, who ditched mom Debbie Reynolds for Liz Taylor and then got dumped by Liz for Richard Burton — is “losing it” because of a longtime speed habit!

The Star Wars alum who’s own troubles with booze and drugs have been well documented by the star herself in books and film Postcards from the Edge Tweeted on her Twitter account the current state of disarray with dad, Eddie, now 81.

“landed in SF to see my dad whose kind of losing it-no surprise-he’s 81, shot speed 4 13yrs,” the ex Princess Leia Tweeted and then followed with:

“Dad not on his game – dont know whos game he’s on whoever it is he’s locked in a bakery & organizing charity events w/ Obama. My dad is AWESOME”

Nice to know addiction runs in the family, Carrie.  Thankfully mom Debbie Reynolds is still hoofing.