Global Terror!

Candice Bergen Stalked By Brutal Millionaire Dictator

Sex-crazed General Manuel Noriega put a bounty on 'Murphy Brown' star's head!

Candice Bergen is back as the title character on “Murphy Brown” — and no longer has to worry about a depraved dictator being her biggest fan! The veteran actress had kept an ugly secret to herself during the hit show’s original run — privately living in terror as Panamanian leader General Manuel Noriega became fixated on the actress. At the time, Noriega was a global villain overseeing a corrupt network of racketeering, drug smuggling and money laundering. U.S. officials had tried to pursue the brutal dictator in court, but Noriega ignored his former American allies while building a massive fortune by working closely with vicious drug lords. Candice had already faced the horror of being targeted by the homicidal hippie cult led by Charles Manson in 1969, but Noriega was just as obsessive, and far more powerful…