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‘Murphy Brown’ Murder Mystery Haunts TV Comeback

Doomed Robert Pastorelli remains under suspicion of his girlfriend's death!

The “Murphy Brown” reunion is missing one beloved character — with some claiming that Robert Pastorelli cheated justice with his “accidental” suicide after the violent death of his girlfriend! Pastorelli found fame as Candice Bergen’s housepainter pal Eldin on the hit CBS sitcom. The popular actor then moved on to a film career alongside John Travolta in “Michael,” and with Arnold Schwarzenegger in “The Eraser.” But things went wrong in March 1999, when his girlfriend Charemon Jonovich was found in his Hollywood home with her brains blown out. A distraught Pastorelli told police that the 25-year-old actress was insanely jealous, and had taken his gun during an argument over his alleged cheating…