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Burt Reynolds’ Final Showbiz Feud With Ariel Winter

Ailing actor wouldn't even say the name of his 'mouthy' costar!

Burt Reynolds famously fought with Joan Rivers, spoke out against Charlie Sheen, and even flung manure at The National ENQUIRER — but he saved his final celebrity feud for “Modern Family” star Ariel Winter! The notoriously ornery actor made it clear he didn’t get along with the younger actress while filming “The Last Movie Star.” Then, the “Smokey and the Bandit” star kept blasting his co-star a year after filming. As covered by The ENQUIRER, Ariel had to watch as her struggling co-star was caught needing a stuntman just to double for him walking on the set of the movie. The ailing actor still didn’t let that keep him from finding the energy to keep mocking Ariel, who had been cast as a young girl looking after an aging celebrity as he attended a small-town film festival…