Grinch Burt Reynolds: The Night He Dumped Manure On The ENQUIRER Christmas Tree

Burt reynolds national enquirer christmas tree sq

Burt Reynolds used his movie-star money to drop horse manure on The ENQUIRER’s Christmas tree — and tried to ruin Christmas for the local kiddies!

While shilling his new autobiography, “But Enough About Me,” the aging actor phoned in to ESPN host Dan Le Batard’s radio show to reveal how the Florida resident tried to trash the National ENQUIRER’s beloved Christmas display in the neighboring coastal town of Lantana!

At the time, The National ENQUIRER had its headquarters in Lantana, and was drawing in plenty of Florida residents with an annual holiday display featuring animated figures, 280,000 twinkling lights, and the world’s tallest Christmas tree!

The legendary Christmas display also featured a Nativity scene, of course, and children adored the 320 railroad cars that ran over 1,700 feet of tracks laid through the winter wonderland.

But none of that mattered to Burt!

“I didn’t think it was right that they had the largest Christmas tree in the United States,” said Burt — telling Dan that The National ENQUIRER’s reporting of his troubled career and love life “had been killing me.”

Burt then gleefully recalled how he Grinched up and tried to ruin Christmas from his Florida ranch…

I had about 100 horses at the time, and that’s a lot of horse [manure]. So I took two huge nets and filled them both, and about 3:00 in the morning, my ranch foreman and I took the helicopter down to the wonderful National ENQUIRER — which was just down the street here from me in Lantana.

I dumped [the manure] right on top of the tree, and it just cascaded down. It was a beautiful sight!

Of course, The ENQUIRER staff didn’t let the spoiled movie star have the last laugh, and cleaned up the display so that thousands of children could still be moved by the Christmas spirit.

A laughing Burt, however, remains unrepentant: “It just felt so good!”