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Aretha Franklin Family Feud Over $80M Legacy

'I'm [not] about to give you all of my money!'

Aretha Franklin entered the final days of her battle against cancer without having prepared a will, and now her family is geared up to fight for her massive $80 million estate — with the man who has been by her side for more than 30 years! Aretha and former Detroit firefighter Willie Wilkerson(right)were pictured on the cover of Jet magazine in 1987 with the caption: “Aretha Franklin Finds Happiness with New Love in Her Life!” They were engaged to be married in 2012. But Aretha, who died at 76 on Aug. 16, abruptly called it off after a troubling report in The National ENQUIRER. Read on for details of the coming battle for Aretha’s bucks, and click here for more family feuds….