What’s in a name? Not much if your moniker is Bill or Mary. But what if your name is Galaxy Gramophone? Too many syllables? How about Jade, Rain or Free?

These are some of the odd and outrageous names celebrities give their kids.

Author Norman Mailer seemed to be living out a Wild West fantasy when he saddled his son with the name John Buffalo. Ditto for John Mellencamp, who dubbed his son Speck Wildhorse. But no teasing — or big brother Hud may beat you up.

Nature, freedom and virtue are popular themes when celebs tag their bundles of joy.

“Kung Fu” star David Carradine and first wife, actress Barbara Hershey, named their kid Free, while famed disc jockey Casey Kasem and wife Jean dubbed their daughter Liberty.

Kurt Russell and then-wife, actress Season Hubley, must have had a good time one night in Boston because that’s what they named their son.

Maybe he travels with Victoria Adams — Posh Spice — and soccer star David Beckham’s son, Brooklyn, or Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris or Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin’s daughter Ireland.

Susan Saint James must have been expecting smooth sailing as a mom when she named her kids Harmony and Sunshine.

Mia Farrow and famed conductor Andre Previn had music on their minds when they titled their kids Lark Song and Summer Song.

Some stars read a book and just can’t get it out of their heads. Demi Moore and Bruce Willis named their second daughter Scout LaRue after “Scout Finch,” the young heroine in “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Their oldest girl, Rumer Glenn, is the namesake of English bard, Rumer Godden.

Other celebs, mindful that they are revered as “stars,” choose celestial names for their offspring.

Marisa Berenson dubbed her daughter Starlite Melody, “Get Smart” spy Don Adams called his kid Beige Dawn and the late rock guitarist Frank Zappa named his oldest daughter Moon Unit.

Famed artist Peter Max also has a penchant for cosmic cognomens. His son is Adam Cosmo and his daughter is Libra Astro.

Were you one of six Susans or four Toms in school? Musician Bob Geldof’s daughters — Fifi Trixibelle and Pixie — never had that problem. Ditto J. Paul Getty II’s kid, Tara Gabriel Galaxy Gramophone.

Think your middle name is weird? Elliot Gould dubbed his son Sam Bazooka.

Just to avoid confusion about who the kid’s parents are, Ken E. Cunningham and Aretha L. Franklin named their child “Kecalf.” (Hint: it’s an acronym.)