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Prince Harry & Meghan Markle — Royal Family Wedding Crisis!

Hollywood beauty is making for a hairy guest list!

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Mike Walker Reports… Royal Watchers from grrlies to grannies are nervously clutching their pearls over the upcoming wedding of Kate Middleton’s pouty li’l sis, Pippa!

That’s because there’s The Big Question looming over the affair — will Prince Harry be permitted to parade TV sex siren Meghan Markle at the nuptials???

Confided My Royal Spy, Lord Knows: “Pippa flat out does not want Meghan at her wedding! Why? She fears the Hollywood star’s presence would absolutely upstage her!

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“But Harry’s adamant! He insists Meghan will be at his side, or he’ll skip the whole affair.

Prince William’s siding with brother Harry, while Kate’s totally sympathetic to Pippa’s view — but interestingly, Prince Charles and Camilla are wholeheartedly backing Ginger Prince simply to stick it to Kate’s social-climbing mother, Carole, where there’s no love lost … because it could get a lot worse!

“Nixing Meghan from the nuptials could explode into a headline-grabbing ‘Royal Boycott’ PR nightmare!”

(And never forget how Pippa’s ass upstaged Kate’s wedding! Pip, Pip HOORAY!)