Mike Walker

Kate Middleton Gets Camilla Cranky (Again)

A royal family feud fueled by a playful prince!

Kate middleton getty PP
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Mike Walker Reports… Prince Harry ratted out sister-in-law Kate Middleton when he overheard her whisper this cranky snark to hubby Prince William at a Royal Clan-bake: “She drinks like a fish!”

Not exactly certain who Kate was kvetching about, Randy Dandy tattled to stepmom Camilla Gorilla — who instantly assumed Kate’s jab was aimed at her!

Snickered My Royal Spy, Lord Knows: “When Harry snitched on Kate, the crack really rattled Camilla’s chain! Practically foaming at the mouth, she instantly raged at hubby Prince Charles!

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“‘How DARE she,” Camilla spewed.

“‘I demand an apology! In fact, she should apologize to the entire family!'”

But playing it calm like a future king should, Charles chilled and carried on, advising Camilla to cool her jets!

Rolling his right royal eyes, the Prince muttered: ‘Please, Dahling … I simply cannot tolerate another royal row … so do let it go!’”

(And do have another gin, Camill’! … CHILL!)