Mike Walker

Pippa Middleton’s Butt Causing Royal Pains

Feudin' over fannies with Camilla!

pippa middleton wedding
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Mike Walker Reports… Rejoice, Anglophiles — I’ve sniffed out new news about Pippa Middleton’s ass!

Seems like only yesterday the planet was gossiping/ sneering over pics of that rump-hugging gown Pippa wore to sis Kate Middleton and Prince William’s wedding.

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But now it’s a Battle Royal Encore for her upcoming splice to rich Brit financier James Matthews — thanks to vicious villainess Camilla Parker Bowles!

“That awful woman’s like a dog with a bone — still stuck on trashing Pippa’s booty- squeezing frock five years later,” said My Royal Spy, Lord Knows.

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“Camilla made a nasty remark to Prince Charles, saying, ‘I do hope Pippa’s gown will be more appropriate than that tight dress she wore to your son’s wedding!’

“Kate happened to overhear Camilla’s crack — and warned Prince Charles’ Wicked Wifey that she just might be dis-invited! Peace-loving William wants Kate to back off … but it’s causing a huge rift between them!”