PO’d PIPPA to sister KATE: Your BOOBS are KILLING me!



DRAMA QUEEN DARES TO SASS OUR PRINCESS?? Hate to hit nervy, curvy PIPPA MIDDLETON with a… er, bum rap – but the snarky commoner angrily bellowed at her royal sis, Princess of Our Hearts KATE MIDDLETON: “Your marriage to William is RUINING MY LIFE!”

Pippa hurled her hurtful words after Kate delivered devastating news: Acting on orders from THE QUEEN and Palace officials, she told boo-hoo-ing baby sis to immediately cancel her long-planned trip to the USA, where she was scheduled to promote her new party-planner book, “Celebrate,” in TV interviews with OPRAH WINFREY, ELLEN DEGENERES, ANDERSON COOPER, BARBARA WALTERS, et al. But…WHY?

“Because the Royals feared Pippa would be questioned about Kate’s nude photo scandal, putting the whole mess back in the spotlight,” reports My Palace Spy.

“Worse, Pippa was told to keep her mouth shut when The Queen’s cohorts leaked phony stories to the press, spreading the scurrilous lie that Pippa herself had chosen to cancel her tour to keep the scandal from re-emerging!”

To her credit, Kate argued strongly with The Queen’s lackeys, insisting that Pippa would NEVER say anything to hurt or embarrass her – but got nowhere.

“Palace officials stood firm and demanded that Kate personally break the devastating news. Extremely upset, she tried to persuade PRINCE WILLIAM to intervene before her meeting with Pippa, but Hubby refused, saying it was an official matter that needed to be handled by her. Stressed and nervous, Kate did her awful duty – and Pippa broke down in tears! She begged Kate to plead for her again, and was shocked when told it was no use.”

Pippa’s resentment of how she’s become a pawn in her royal sister’s life boiled over in bitter tears.

Worse than losing potentially huge book sales, she’d hoped to parlay her appearances into her own TV talk show.

But she finally calmed down and accepted her cruel fate. Said the source: “Their meeting ended with a forced sisterly hug, but Kate confessed to pals she fears their relationship will never be the same again.”