Doghouse Talk!

Rob Lowe Blasted Over Bedtime Confession

Epic fail in attempted walk-back of overshare!

rob lowe insult wife sheryl berkoff

Rob Lowe raised eyebrows on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” by admitting, “I sleep better on the road — because I’m not with my wife!”

Rather than walk back that shocker, the handsome brat-pack stud who has earned acclaim for TV portrayals that range from Chris Traeger on “Parks and Rec” to killer Drew Peterson, doubled down with a dubious explanation.

“It’s the truth,” he blurted. “I mean, I love her enough to speak the truth … she’s obsessed with playing ‘Family Feud’ ’til 5 and 6 in the morning on the iPad and wakes me up: ‘Honey, honey, quick — name five foods that are gross.’ ”

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So how did wife Sheryl Berkoff’s friends react to that blast of public shade?

“We were embarrassed for her,” said a protective pal, who slapped back, “How about this for a quiz question, Rob: Stupid crap a 54-year-old husband says on national TV to land him in the doghouse?”

Sleep tight!