The hush-hush secret ROB LOWE doesn’t want YOU to know! 

Life in the fast lane nearly ruined him – but the former Brat Packer says rehab and the love of a good woman helped him turn his life around.

“My life today is so much more interesting than it was back then,” said Lowe.

The handsome actor was known for his hard partying and sexcapades with Monaco’s Princess Stephanie and actresses Nastassja Kinski, Demi Moore and Melissa Gilbert. But his good times led to a near career-crippling scandal in 1988 when a tape of him having sex with three women – one of them an underage teen – sur­faced.

But Lowe has changed a lot from those scandalous years. Today he says: “You can make monogamy exciting – you just have to be with the right person. I picked the right woman. She’s sexy, she’s hot, she’s interesting. She keeps me on my toes.”

Lowe, 49, is talking about his wife, for­mer makeup artist Sheryl Berkoff, 52. The two started dating in 1989, married in 1991 and now have two sons.

“I knew if I couldn’t make it work with Sheryl, I couldn’t make it work with anybody,” Lowe said. “She didn’t give me any ultimatums. She understood me in a way that nobody had, and she still does.”

Lowe – who played Liberace’s drug- and booze-addled plastic surgeon in the HBO hit “Behind the Can­delabra” – recently tweeted that he cel­ebrated 23 years of sobriety. He says he made the announce­ment because “it’s important for people to see that it can work.”

“There’s a sense now that rehab is a place you go to ‘rehab’ your image or because a judge wants you to go, or you want to save your career or your mar­riage,” he added. “I went because I was done. I wanted a new life.”