Ted Cruz Bags Endorsement Of ‘Duck Dynasty’ King Phil Robertson

Conservative candidate wins blessing by going hunting with reality TV star!

Phil ted endorse featured
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Texas Sen. Ted Cruz bagged a valuable endorsement for president from “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson yesterday, and now the tough-talking Tea Party favorite is showcased in a new campaign video hunting — what else, ducks — alongside the reality TV star.

“I am thrilled to have Phil’s support for our campaign,” the Republican candidate for president declared.

“The Robertsons are a strong family of great Christian faith and conservative values.”

Ted is banking on the popular Robertson clan to boost his bona fides in the Bible Belt as actual voting in Republican caucuses and primaries nears.

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In the video, Phil seemed easy to please. He said he only looks for four qualifications in a presidential candidate:

“Is he or she Godly, does he or she love us, can he or she do the job, and finally would they kill a duck and put him in a pot and make him a good duck gumbo? Cruz fits the bill.”

The video depicts Ted and Phil in a duck blind, dressed in camouflage with dark face paint, brandishing and firing shotguns.

Ted reportedly had dinner with the family on Sunday evening and then went hunting with the patriarch on Monday, securing the hunter’s endorsement in a duck blind.

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Phil tells Ted he has earned the votes of the entire dynasty because he is “one of us, my man.”