The God-fearing “Duck Dynasty” clan’s darkest secrets are exposed in a searing new tell-all that may rock the rafters of the reality TV stars.

Abortion, infidelity and embezzlement are a few of the hush-hush secrets revealed in the book, “A New Season: A Robertson Family Love Story of Brokenness and Redemption,” written by the Ducks’ beardless brother, Al Robertson and his wife, Lisa.

In a preview of the no-holds-barred confessional obtained by The National ENQUIRER, Al and Lisa reveal intimate details about their near 30-year marriage – and worse!

Despite being a senior pastor at White’s Ferry Road Church of Christ until 2012, Al wasn’t always a good Christian, the book reveals. The now clean-cut Robertson was once a boozy hell raiser, a pot smoker and was promiscuous. Al even took the virginity of his now wife, Lisa, when she was only in 10th grade!

He turned his life around after nearly being beaten to death with a crowbar by a man who caught him cheating with his wife.

Lisa led an even wilder lifestyle – admitting to drinking, cheating and an unplanned teen pregnancy that resulted in an abortion. She even embezzled funds from her in-laws’ company, Duck Commander, in order to fund a 14 month-long affair. In the book, Lisa admits to an earlier non-sexual affair that ended when the wife of her lover called her hubby Al, spilling the beans.

The proud parents of two grown daughters and three grandchildren (Al and Lisa) have gone through a lot together and separately, the book reveals.

“They don’t hold anything back,” said a pal. “Their love for each other overcame several obstacles. They are proof that if you truly love someone they are worth fighting for.”