O.J. Simpson: ‘I’m 100% Not Guilty Of Sleeping With Kris Jenner!’


O.J. Simpson is outraged that he’s been accused of the heinous crime of sleeping with Kris Jenner!

“I would never tap Kris,” said the disgraced gridiron great — from the prison where he’s serving time for theft after being found innocent of murdering both his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

O.J. isn’t speaking out because he doesn’t want to keep up with the Kardashians from his cell in Nevada’s Lovelock Correctional Center, though.

Instead, he’s angry over The ENQUIRER’s reporting on how O.J. fathered Khloé Kardashian behind the back of his old lawyer Bob Kardashian — including our bombshell exclusive on O.J.’s daughter’s hatred for Khloé, which only got worse after The ENQUIRER reported that O.J. had even put Khloé into his will!

The ENQUIRER even talked to O.J.’s transsexual lover behind bars, with Jazmena Jameson claiming that O.J. admitted to sleeping with Kris, and believes Khloé is his daughter!

“I would never do that to my friend Bob,” O.J. still insisted.

His denials come from former Lovelock prison guard Jeffrey Felix, who’s planning to release a book entitled “Guarding the Juice” — which will also include an inside look at The ENQUIRER’s explosive story on O.J. once taking a beating from a racist inmate who belonged to the Aryan Nation.

ENQUIRER readers also know of O.J.’s other bizarre antics behind bars, including his taking another beating for dating Jazmena, plus O.J. being terrified of another violent inmate known as “Smoke.”

Jeffrey’s pitch for the book includes talk of how he helped save O.J. from other lowlifes behind bars — but the guard never got too star-struck.

“He’s such a nice guy,” said Jeffrey of the accused murderer, “but, come on, we know he did it!”